Make a QuickTime Movie in GraphicConverter

Mouse to File>Convert...

    1. The Convert window will appear.


    3. On the left side of the window are the files to work on.
    4. On the right side is the destination for the files.

    5. In this case, we navigated to the folder called 00/11/27, clicked on the arrow in the top middle of the window to bring up the same folder on the destination side.
    6. Filter will show only the files of the file type selected in the left window

    7. Take a look for yourself at the dozens of file types GraphicConverter can read. It is amazing.
    8. Destination Format will convert the images to the selected format.
    9. New Folder will create a new folder in the Finder from the destination side.
    10. Options provides more choices for some destination formats

    Creating a movie from a group of pictures

    String together a collection of photos into a QuickTime movie

    1. Select the folder of pictures to make into a movie in the left window.
    2. Choose the destination folder in the right window


    4. Select "MooV-QuickTime" as the Dest.(Destination) format .
    5. Click the "Options" button.
      1. Select Photo-JPEG and Color in the Compressor section


      3. Select High Quality
      4. Choose a frame Rate of 1

      5. Normal video uses a frame rate of 30 frames (pictures) a second.
        Movies use 24 frames a second.
        These would be much to fast for this type of photo montage.
        To have one frame last for two seconds type .5 into the Frame Rate box.
      6. Click OK
    6. Select the images for the movie.

    7. The images will appear in the movie in the order that they appear in the left window.
      Go to Browse Folder to change the order by changing the individual names of the images.
    8. Click the Convert button which will bring up another dialog box.




    10. In the Additional Settings dialog choose to make one movie from all source pictures.


    12. Set the movie size to 320 x 240
    13. Click OK to make the movie.
    14. Navigate to the movie file, double click on it and it will open with the QuickTime Player