Make a QuickTime Virtual Reality Object Movie

1. Make a QuickTime movie with GraphicConverter or with QuickTime Pro.

2. Open the Make QTVR Object software.

(This fee software from Apple can be found on HyperStudio CD-ROMs, both the real thing and the demo disk).

3. Open the QT movie you made in Step 1.

4.  Mouse to File> Set Preferences

The Number of Rows is how many sets of shots were taken. In other words , if you took one set of photos as the turntable rotated, enter 1 in the # of Rows box.  If  you changed the angle of the camera and shot another set of photos to show the object from above, enter 2.

The Number of Columns is the number of photos taken in a set as the object was rotated in one plane. If you took 12 shots in the  horizontal position, enter 12.  Here the photographer took 7 photos.

5. Mouse to Edit>Add Object Data

This window has the information entered in the "Set Preferences"step. Click OK to make the object movie.


6.  Here's the QTVR Object Movie.

Place the mouse on the movie, click and move either to the right or the left to move the object.