Digital Photography Workshop

These are the resources from the MACUL* (Michigan Association of Computer and related technology Users in Learning) SIGMM (Special Interest Group in Multimedia) Digital Photography Workshop on December 9, 2000 at the Educational Computing and Technology Center of the Ann Arbor Public Schools.


Getting pictures from the camera to the computer

Other things to do with a digital camera besides prints.

Sony Mavica

Tips for better photos


Using GraphicConverter

-- This is one of the world's best pieces of software. Thanks to Thorsten Lemke for creating and maintaining it . Available from Lemke Software

Using "Browse Folder"

Using Convert...

Editing a Photo

PhotoPage Website


A list of good resources.


Digital Camera

PCPhotoREVIEW - Tips & Tricks - Digital Photo Perspectives

Apogee Photo

KODAK: Kodak eMagazine: The online photography magazine

KODAK: Kodak eMagazine: Tips of the Month Archives

MAV! Magazine - Welcome to the Magazine for Sony Digital Camera Enthusiasts

Using Your Mavica: Adjusting EV for Better Pictures

All About EV

Shutterbug Magazine - The latest on photography, cameras, film, lenses, equipment, darkroom, lighting, flash, color processing and more.

Helpful web sites

Short Courses : A complete guide to digital cameras, digital photography, and digital video maging

Imaging Resource

New York Institute of Photography

ZingWorld: Arthur's Workshop

Photography @

Exposure - A Beginners Guide to Photography

ECTC Web Development Resources

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