Using Convert...

  1. Mouse to File>Convert...
  2. Renaming a group of photos
  3. Creating a catalog (contact sheet) of photos
  4. Creating a web page of images, a folder of thumbnails and a folder of full size images.
  5. Creating a movie from a group of pictures
  6. Batch processing

    Mouse to File>Convert...

    1. The Convert window will appear.




    3. On the left side of the window are the files to work on.
    4. On the right side is the destination for the files.

    5. In this case, we navigated to the folder called 00/11/27, clicked on the arrow in the top middle of the window to bring up the same folder on the destination side.
    6. Filter will show only the files of the file type selected in the left window

    7. Take a look for yourself at the dozens of file types GraphicConverter can read. It is amazing.
    8. Destination Format will convert the images to the selected format.
    9. New Folder will create a new folder in the Finder from the destination side.
    10. Options provides more choices for some destination formats

    Renaming a group of photos

    1. Select the images to rename on the left side of the window.




    3. Click the Rename button




    5. Check the Change Index box
      1. Offset
        1. Setting the Offset to 0 means the numbers will start at 1 if the number of digits is one.

        2. It will be 01 if the number of digits is 2,and 001 if the number of digits is 3, etc.
        3. The selected pictures will be numbered by whatever number is in the Offset box plus 1.

        4. If the number in the Offset box is 25, the first picture will be numbered 26.
      2. Digits
        1. The number of digits to appear in the number with the name
        2. If there is a long sequence, keep in mind that the computer will list 10 after 1 and before 2.
    6. Check the Change Name box and type in the new name.
    7. Sometimes it is useful to add the date to the name and there are several choices for that.
    8. Click OK and the names are changed.




    Creating a catalog (contact sheet) of photos

    1. Select all the photos to catalog
    2. Click the Catalog button.




    4. Set the size of the catalog image and the size of the thumbnail pictures




    6. If the name of the image is to show, choose the font, font size and font color.

    7. If you're making a contact sheet and are going to print it, be sure the background is white and the text is black or colored.
      If the background is black a lot of ink or toner will be wasted printing the picture
    8. Select the File tab




    10. Give the Catalog a name.
    11. Choose the PICT format.
    12. Click OK.

    13. Below is the catalog of the images in the 00/11/27 folder


    Creating a web page of images, a folder of thumbnails and a folder of full size images.

    1. Choose a destination location in the right half of the Convert window.

    2. In this example, I made a new folder in the 00/11/27 folder and called it Web.
    3. Select the images to use on the web page.
    4. Click on the Catalog button
    5. Choose the size of the page(s) and the size of the thumbnails.




    7. Choose the color of the background and the color for the text.

    8. Notice the lower left corner shows how the thumbnails will be distributed on the page.
    9. Click on the File tab




    11. give the page a name.
    12. Set the format to HTML
    13. Browse by clicking on the Set... button to choose the program that will open the new file when it is double clicked.

    14. In this case, the File Creator "MOSS" refers to Netscape Navigator
    15. Click OK

    16. In the Destination window the "images" folder has all the full size images, the "thumbnails" folder has the newly made thumbnails and "WorkshopWeb" is an HTML document that can be opened with Netscape or in any web page editor.


    17. Leave GraphicConverter, navigate to the Finder and double click on the file"WorkshopWeb."




    19. Click on a thumbnail to go the larger image.

    20. If more than one page is created, GraphicConverter makes links to the first, last, next and previous pages.

    Creating a movie from a group of pictures

    String together a collection of photos into a QuickTime movie
    1. Choose the destination folder




    3. Select "MooV-QuickTime" as the Dest. format .
    4. Click the "Options" button.
      1. Select Photo-JPEG and Color in the Compressor section




      3. Select High Quality
      4. Choose a frame Rate of 1

      5. Normal video uses a frame rate of 30 frames (pictures) a second.
        Movies use 24 frames a second.
        These would be much to fast for this type of photo montage.
        To have one frame last for two seconds type .5 into the Frame Rate box.
      6. Click OK
    5. Select the images for the movie.

    6. The images will appear in the movie in the order that they appear in the left window.
      Go to Browse Folder to change the order by changing the individaul names of the images.
    7. Click the Convert button which will bring up another dialog box.




    9. In the Additional Settings dialog choose to make one movie from all source pictures.




    11. Set the movie size to 320 x 240
    12. Click OK to make the movie.
    13. Navigate to the movie file, double click on it and it will open with the QuickTime Player

    Batch processing

    Do many of the operations (resize, convert to grayscale. rotate, change file format, etc.) on a folder of pictures at one time.

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