Using GraphicConverter

  1. Getting pictures from the diskette to the computer
  2. Using "Browse Folder..."



    1. View a folder of photo thumbnails
    2. Rotate photos
    3. Rename individual photos
    4. Copy and move photos between folders
    5. Delete photos
    6. Lots more
  4. Using "Convert..."



    1. Renaming a group of photos
    2. Creating a movie from a group of pictures

    3. String together a collection of photos into a Quicktime movie
    4. Batch processing

    5. Do many of the operations (resize, convert to grayscale. rotate, change file format, etc.) on a folder of pictures at one time.
    6. Creating a catalog (contact sheet) of photos
    7. Creating web pages with clickable thumbnails

    8. Create a folder of thumbnails, a folder of full size images and a web page that displays the tumbnails with links to the larger images.
  6. Editing a Photo

    1. Resizing a photo
    2. Cropping a photo

    3. Removing the unwanted portions of a picture
    4. Color Correction

    5. Adjust the brightness and contrast.
      Adjust the colors.
    6. Improving photo quality

    7. "Sharpen" a photo to smooth jaggiesand make it look better.
    8. Converting a color photo to black and white

    9. Remove the color information and convert a picture to grayscale.
    10. Changing picture resolution
    11. Creating a duotone
    12. Adding text to a picture
  7. Converting file formats

  8. Convert between PICT, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and many other file formats.

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