Getting pictures from the floppy disk to the computer

  1. Create a new folder on the computer.
    1. I recommend making a new folder callied "Untitled Pictures" in the "Documents" folder.
      Create and alias to the folder and put it on the Desktop for easy access.
  2. Create a another folder on the Desktop and name it with the date.
    1. I date my folders like this: 00/12/09.
      The computer will list them in chronological order.
  3. Drag all the photos from the floppy to the "Date" folder.
    1. Editing and manipulating the photos is faster and more efficient from the computer than from the floppy and the originals are left on the floppy as master back-ups in case something doesn't turn out as anticipated.
      Here's another good reason to move the photos to the computer's hard drive: Opening photos in GraphicConverter adds icon and preview resources to the file so it makes each photo file larger. If the floppy disk with the photos is full there won't be room to add the resources.
  4. Drag the "Date" folder into the "Untitled Pictures" folder
  5. Each time you copy from a floppy to a new dated folder drag the the new folder to "Untitled Pictures"

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