1. On the computer
    1. Internet
      1. Email

      2. Send your photos as attachments.
        Send 320 X 240 versions because they won't take up as much space.
      3. World Wide Web
        1. Internet photo finishers

        2. Internet photo finishers will display photos on their sites. (See below for addresses)
          Photo sharing sites

        3. Free web hosting sites

        4. There are many sites on the web that will gice you free space to host your own website.
          1. NBCi

          3. Homestead

          5. Angelfire

        5. Web page builders
          1. PhotoPage

          2. Freeware tool for creating web pages of thumbnails with captions.
          3. PageThing

          4. Charityware program for creating one photo per page web pages.
          5. Netscape Composer

          7. Adobe GoLive
          8. Claris Home Page
          9. MacroMeadia DreamWeaver
          10. Many, many others
    2. Traditional Photo Finishers

    3. Most places that process photos will put your photos on a floppy, a CD-ROM and/or the Internet for you when the pictures are developed (for a fee).
    4. Multimedia
      1. ClarisWorks/AppleWorks
      2. iMovie
      3. Avid Cinema
      4. HyperStudio
      5. PowerPoint
      6. Timeliner
      7. Neighborhood Map Machine
  2. Prints
    1. Printers
      1. Laser Printers
      2. Ink Jet printers

      3. Printers with resolution of 1440 dpi (like the Epson 740) print almost photographic quality on special photo papers.
        Epson 870 and 1270 are very high quality printers and make prints that will last.
        Epson 2000 uses pigments rather than dyes for ink and , on archival paper, can make prints that will last 200 years.
    2. Chemical processing (Kodak prints)
      1. Internet photo finishing

      3. Traditional

      4. Get prints and photos on a floppy disk or a CD-ROM
        Foto One

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