Classroom Magic with Digital Photography
MACUL 2005, Detroit
Michael Smith
Technology Education
Ann Arbor Open School & Community High School
Ann Arbor, MI

Publishing - getting your pictures in a place where people can see them.
  1. Prints - a picture you can hold in your hands.
    1. Home/School Printers
      1. Laser
        At our school, we use regular copy paper and laminate the pictures after they are printed. They look pretty good.
      2. Ink Jet Photo
        Epson, Canon and Hewlett-Packard all have pretty good photo quality printers.
      3. Dye Sublimation
    2. Chemical Process
      The traditional process of developing pictures by exposing an image on photographic paper that is processed in chemicals.
      1. Online Photo Services
        These are Internet services I have used and I like them all.
        1. Ofoto

        2. Shutterfly

        3. Snapfish

        4. Dot Photo

        5. MPix

        6. iPhoto
          Built into iPhoto is a feature that let's you connect directly to OFOTO and order prints.
      2. Local Processers
        1. CVS

        2. Meijer

        3. Walmart
          This is a link to the demo page of the Walmart Photo Centre.

  2. Books - bound and printed on high quality paper.
    1. Print Your Own
      1. Accordion books
        I learned how to make accordion books from Russell Brown, the Photoshop evangelist.
        With 38" x 6" sheets of photo paper, use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to create a long strip of images that can be folded into books that have 6" x 6" pages and 1" tabs at either end to insert into covers made from 6" x 6" cardboard and covered with folded papers.
        I have used paper from
      2. PDF
        In Mac OSX when Print is selected, there is the option to "Print to PDF" which saves the file as a pdf file that can be posted to the Web, a server or burned on a CD.
    2. From Apple
      iPhoto has a feature for designing high quality, bound photo books. iPhoto 5 has several choices of book type and layout templates.
  3. <> CDs
    CDRs are cheap but they are also more fragile than we thought. Be careful how you store your precious data.
    Look for brand name CDs in the color advertising sections of your Sunday newspaper. There is always a sale.
    I try to not pay more than $0.20 a piece for CDRs.
    I stay away from CD-RWs because they seem to be more delicate and CDRs are so cheap.
    Here is osme info on how to take care of your CDs.

  4. Movies
    All of these programs can take a folder of images and convert them into a movie.
    1. Quicktime Pro
      A great program for all kinds of multimedia tasks available form Apple for $30.
    2. iPhoto
      File > Export , pick the "Quicktime" tab and make a movie with the music that's selected in iTunes
    3. Photo to Movie
      This great piece of software provides a lot control of pan,zoom and rotation as well as matching the length of the movie to a music selection.
    4. iMovie
      iMovie has added the "Ken Burns Effect," a pan and zoom effect.
    5. GraphicConverter
      GraphicConverter is my favorite piece of shareware ever. Many of the features in iPhoto were inspired by GC.
    6. Motion Pictures
      Comes witrh the great CD burning program Toast
  5. Web Pages
    1. Your Own Page
      There are many places to host a web photo gallery.
      Your school district might have web accounts available for teachers.
      If you get internet service at home, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might provide space with your account.
      AOL, Earthlink, Comcast and others provide space.

      There are inexpensive hosting sites that will let you have your own domain name.
      I use:
      1. iPhoto
        1. .Mac
          iPhoto has a built-in tool to create web pages and slide shows for publication to a .Mac account on the web - a service available from Apple for $100 per year.

        2. File > Export to create a web gallery.
          File > Export and choose the Web Page tab top create a web photo gallery. Comments can be shown with either or both the thumbnails and the images.
      2. Photoshop Elements
        Elements has a feature for creating web galleries built in.
        There are some instructions at this site.
      3. Jalbum
        This a terrific tool for creating web glaleries of phjotos and its free!
      4. Photoshop
        Photoshop has a feature for building online galleries.
      5. Photopage
        A very simple, easy to use and free program for creating web albums with comments attached to the pictures.
      6. GraphicConverter
        GraphicConverter can generate web galleries quickly and easily.
    2. Web Photo Hosting Services
    3. Flickr
      This is a web site to share photos. Photos can be identified and searched with keywords

      My Flickr site :
    4. Blogs
      A photo blog I started

      A place to get started with your own blog.
  6. Classroom Magic
    1. Resources
      1. Tutorials
        There are many tutorials for Photoshop Elements, Photoshop , iMovie and iPhoto available on the Web. Try a Google search and you'll find all kinds. These are some of my favorite sites.
        1. My Janee
          My Janee is a brilliant site full of excellent tutorials for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

        2. Atomic Learning
          This is an outstanding site with tutorials on almost every piece of software a teacher might use or want to use. All the tutorials are broken into short online movies.

          It has some excellent free software for planning movies, too.

        3. Adobe
          Adobe photoshop Elements Online Course

        4. iPhoto
          The Apple site has a good intro to iPhoto.

          This site has good iPhoto material, too.

      2. Wikipedia
      3. Magazines
        1. Popular Photography and Imaging

        2. PC Photo

        3. Shutterbug
          My favorite photography magazine.

        4. Petersen's Photographic

        5. Outdoor Photographer

        6. eDigital

      4. Books
        You can ask for an evaluation copy of a book at PeachPit Press.

        These are some of the books I have and recommend. I usually get them from Amazon.
        1. Iphoto 5: The Missing Manual
          by David Pogue, Joseph Schorr, Derrick Story
        2. iPhoto 5 for Mac OS X : Visual QuickStart Guide (Visual Quickstart Guides)
          by Adam Engst
        3. The Photoshop Elements Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby
        4. Photoshop Elements 3 Down & Dirrty Tricks by Scott Kelby
        5. Clickstep Teacher Training Series: Photshop Elements by Linda Dickeson
        6. Photoshop Elements 2 Solutions: The Art of Digital Photography by Mikkel Aaland
      5. Academic Prices from REMC
        For Adobe products:
        Educational Resources
        1550 Executive Dr.
        Elgin, IL. 60123

        Adriana Caliendo
        800-624-2926 ext. 3213
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