Sound and Movies

We will capture, edit and combine sounds with stop motion movies using Sound companion and QuickTime Pro - both are available for Macintosh and Windows computers.

Movies can be created to play in multimedia programs like HyperStudio and Powerpoint as well as AppleWorks and Microsoft Word.

They can be made to play on the Internet as well as on CD-ROM.

Here is an excellent article, "How Analog and Digital Recording Works," from the How Stuff Works web site. Click here for a pdf version of the article.

Part 1

Your task is to capture your voice in Sound Companion and play around with the program.

Edit the sound you captured by:

Remember, the "Undo" key is your friend. If you don't like the results of something you tried, immediately go to Edit->Undo and the last action will be undone.

Add a second track (maybe whistle a little something with your friends) and combine the two - or more, if you want - and hear what the  combined tracks sound like.

Part 2

Capture a small section of soound from a music CD using QuickTime Pro.

Part 3

Select a movie to work with and add a narration track and a music track that complements the story.

Go to the process pages to get started.